Set Yourself Apart In A Booming Wellness Industry With Holistic Expressive Arts!

✬ Learn a versatile modality that can be utilised with clients one-on-one or in a group setting
✬ Help clients develop self-awareness, boost self-esteem and find new perspectives
✬ Offer a healthy outlet for difficult emotions that may be hard to express with words



The Therapeutic Use Of Creative Arts Has Been Proven To Improve Mental Well-being!


 Offers A Gentle, Person-Centred Approach To Healing
⟣ Promotes Whole-Brain Integration
 Is Versatile And Can Be Used With Groups And In One-On-One Practices

✔︎ Taught 100% Online With High Support From Our Experienced Mentors
✔︎ Industry Recognised And Internationally Accredited
✔︎ User-Friendly Student Portal + Access To Our Online Community
✔︎ Practical Live Classes (Online) To Help You Master The Skills
✔︎ Start A New Career Or Add A New Modality To Your Qualification


This course gives you the following Certification¹:

¹Students can combine InteMind International’s Holistic Counselling or Coaching course as part of this qualification and receive a dual qualification


Unlock Healing and Transformation with the Power of Creativity

Are you ready to expand your skill set or embark on a new career that harnesses the healing potential of expressive arts? Welcome to our Holistic Expressive Arts Program—an innovative platform designed to equip both aspiring practitioners seeking expertise in mental well-being and established holistic counsellors and coaches looking to make creativity a cornerstone of their practice.

Our HEArts² Facilitator program is your gateway to becoming a qualified HEArts² Practitioner, proficient in delivering HEArts² in both one-on-one and group settings.

Unlocking Healing Through Creative Expression

Creative Arts have a proven track record of nurturing overall well-being and aiding individuals in healing from past trauma and emotional pain. Expressive Arts is not about mastering artistic skills; it’s about unleashing our innermost emotions and helping illuminate those aspects of ourselves that may be challenging to convey in words.

In our Therapeutic HEArts² program, our approach is person-centred, with a focus on the inherent therapeutic benefits of the creative process. We guide our clients in exploring their artistic creations to gain deeper insights and fresh perspectives.

Client-Centric Approach

Similar to the InteMind philosophy of Holistic Counselling, HEArts² facilitators refrain from analysis or diagnosis. Instead, we empower our clients to lead their own experience, guiding them to find answers within themselves. This approach fosters a gentle and healing process that caters to a diverse range of individuals in various situations.

The Four Levels of Transformation

HEArts² is firmly rooted in the Four Levels of Transformation, aligning with the principles that underpin our Holistic Counselling approach. To fully maximize the benefits of this course, we recommend students consider combining our HEArts² program with our Holistic Counselling course.

Why Holistic Counselling Skills are Vital

Many clients carry unresolved trauma and stress, and the creative expression can bring these issues to the surface. Therefore, understanding how to support clients when these challenges arise during a session is essential. Our HEArts² Practitioner course provides a foundational understanding to work safely and effectively, empowering you with the tools needed to assist your clients with various issues and offer the highest quality of service.

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This course comprises two (2) distinct stages. Let’s delve into the components included in each stage.


In Stage One, you’ll dive into a comprehensive curriculum that spans 8 modules. These modules cover a range of topics including Meditation, Mindfulness, Holistic Counselling, and Transformational skills. Over the course of 16 weeks, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that lays the foundation for your path to becoming a Holistic Expressive Arts Practitioner. Let’s explore the inclusions in each module.

STAGE ONE – MODULE 1: Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness Fundamentals + The Science of Stress

STAGE ONE – MODULE 2: Meditation – Meditation as a Healing Tool

STAGE ONE – MODULE 3: Implementing Mindfulness For Well-Being

STAGE ONE – MODULE 4: Creating & Marketing Your Programs & Services

STAGE ONE – MODULE 5: Holistic Counselling Skills PART I

STAGE ONE – MODULE 6: Holistic Counselling Skills PART II

STAGE ONE – MODULE 7: Positive Psychology – The Science of Human Flourishing

STAGE ONE – MODULE 8: Positive Psychology – Character Strengths and Virtues

STAGE TWO – 10 Modules

STAGE TWO – MODULE 9: Introduction To Holistic Expressive Arts (HEArts²)

STAGE TWO –MODULE 10: Expressive Arts For Mental Well-Being

STAGE TWO –MODULE 11: Positive Expressive Arts

STAGE TWO – MODULE 12: Art For Existential Contemplation

STAGE TWO – MODULE 13: Journalling

STAGE TWO – MODULE 14: Collage

STAGE TWO – MODULE 15: Working With Emotions

STAGE TWO – MODULE 16: Music & Sound

STAGE TWO – MODULE 17: Movement

STAGE TWO – MODULE 18: Becoming an Expressive Arts Facilitator


Students are required to complete 10 Hours of practical/ support (via Zoom) to complete their training. This will ensure the student is equipped with all the knowledge needed to work safely using Holistic Expressive Art tools and techniques in their practice.

If students require more training, further practical can be added at an additional cost.


Students are also required to complete 10 Hours of case studies to complete their training. 

Students will be asked to complete a 3000-word case studies assignment to write about their experience (10 Hours).

This is a professional qualification. After completing this course, graduates can obtain public liability and indemnity insurance ¹. We also recommend joining one of the following associations:

✔︎ The International Society of Holistic Counsellors and Coaches (ISHCC) ²
✔︎ International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

¹ All students receive a special discount from our recommended insurance provider.
² Graduates receive a 20% discount on their first year with the ISHCC (professional membership only).


INTRODUCTORY OFFER: £1197.00(normally £1397.00)

Payment Plan: £297.00 on enrolment. Then £120.00 monthly for ten months.
Total Payment Plan Cost: £1497.00
36 weeks (+ case studies & practical component)15TH OF APRIL, 2024


Introducing Madelaine Vallin, ASHC founder, mentor, and the course creator of the Holistic Expressive Arts (HEArts²) Practitioner Course. Alongside her experienced team at the Australian School of Holistic Counselling (ASHC), Madelaine serves as a dedicated mentor for individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills in the realm of holistic expressive arts.

With a wealth of experience and a profound passion for guiding others, Madelaine brings her expertise to the forefront of the HEArts² Practitioner Course. As the course creator, she has infused the program with her deep understanding of holistic principles and her knowledge and experience in the transformative power of expressive arts.

Madelaine’s vision for the HEArts² Practitioner Course is to provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience that goes beyond the acquisition of skills. She has carefully crafted the curriculum to encompass various artistic modalities, self-exploration exercises, and practical techniques to equip participants with the necessary tools to facilitate healing and personal growth through expressive arts.

As the mentor and course creator, Madelaine brings a unique blend of knowledge, expertise, and heartfelt dedication to each student’s journey. She provides unwavering guidance and support, encouraging participants to embrace their creative potential, navigate their inner landscapes, and discover the transformative power of holistic expressive arts.

Together with her highly experienced team at ASHC, Madelaine ensures that the HEArts² Practitioner Course offers a nurturing and empowering learning environment. Students receive personalized mentorship, invaluable insights, and the opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for holistic well-being and creative self-expression.

Join Madelaine Vallin and the esteemed team at ASHC on the transformative path of the Holistic Expressive Arts (HEArts²) Practitioner Course. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery, growth, and profound healing, you will be guided by an exceptional mentor who not only created the program but also shares a deep commitment to supporting you in unlocking your creative potential and becoming a skilled practitioner of holistic expressive arts.

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